India Morning Report (June 27, 2012) : Dollar loses steam

Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh in Arun...
Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh in Arunachal Pradesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another of Dollar’s correction days is upon us easing the day trend for the Nifty qithin the flat zone and making the trading day verbose and Recommendation/Tip friendly across experts in market, analysts off market and stock market investors contributing to volumes of INR 2.2 T daily the last two days of nervous boundary wall smacking diatribe from fence sitters not able to get tv slots or investable surpluses before the last bus leaves.

The market will soon be back of course and probably not below 5000 but expiry is safe near 5200 than lower as Sir Prakash Gaba also confirmed on the first day when the policy action snuffed out many fragile hopes.

English: Signatures of Manmohan Singh. Top in ...
English: Signatures of Manmohan Singh. Top in english, lower in Hindi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

India PM Manmohan Singh taking over the reins may not change the situation on the ground but it is a material plus, the one on Tv making the posit for him being the Citi APAC MD, Pawan Vaish in end May in “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO CITI”.

The material plus from Sardar Manny taking over is in all the non political attempts filed over the last one year by the Plan Comm, the PMEAC and perhaps even the RBI to redeem the current situation which in various forms had come earlier for India Inc and which is why still sub 6% growth rates are unchallenged by India detractors who actually watch India’s ratings (including Indian citizens)

stock market
stock market (Photo credit: 401K 2012)

FDI got a big bonus with $5 B announced by Coca Cola over the next 2-3 years. It is already involved in social empowerment programs to cling to its early mover advantage and find ways to expand India’s stale but potentially rich soft drinks/beverages sector wwhere it enjoys 25% share thanks to an early recovery by Kinley as Parle’s Bisleri still manages another 25% of the fluids

The Global 5 by 20 program targets increasing the role of Women run businesses in its 100% groth by 2020 and was started in 2010

Trading strategies follow.

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