Morning Trading Strategies – India June 28, 2012

July (Photo credit: kurafire)

Expiry Thursday means buying would not have picked up in July series and some are not quasi currency forwards for a change. IDFC Calls at 160 levels for example are cheap and buying should be done today and yesterday. Those avoiding options can sget into July series infrastructure futures in ICICI Bank and IDFC, ICICI Bank looking like a candidate for 900. SBI could run to 2350 similarly and HDFC Bank left alone for the next run after the market corrects from 5350-5400

Yes Bank is likely to see an important correction as HSBC exits Yes and Axis Bank holdings of $500 mln each at 3-5% discount t o market

Auto companies would be great in the july series, Star (Stride Arcolabs) good for purchasing at lower levels if it comes back after usinfg $300 m from sale of Ascent for the $110 FCCB repayment

State Bank of India Logo
State Bank of India Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HDFC is my all time underdog favorite at this time of fast rising indices and there could be action to start the bear in Sterlite and SESA soon as their VAL load becomes clear ahead of the board meeting hich will still likely approve the actions

All the usual recommendations for this week apply as per sectors recommended especially if you are not day trading within june. kingfisher got shorted already, JP Associates, one feels may get left behind again and BHEL and L&T are buys only till the trend is up

Jubiland and Titaln shorts should also be avoided while the trend is up PSU Banks like BOB and PNB should be very good picks. Many hedgies picking up PSU bank strategies in the last quarter

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