Late Morning Trading Strategies: July 01, 2012

Ashwin Gujral scores a bulls eye with the idea of a dip only in the afternoon. A slo market has the best chance of staying up. Among floating picks out there, some suggesting HDFCBANK bullish and Bharti bearish as a hold are temptingly looking correct. At your own risk though, going short even at this time should be something you can see a lot of traction for

HDFCBANK Bull spreads and honestly naked calls seem to be good for the soul an dthe wallet, ICICI BANK can probably wait a week, my picks still routed at (80652) as no other infra is available in a CMS(Content Management system). 

If you are long Banknifty already, stay put and do not lok the ticker. Bettter buying opps will come through the day, the rupee could not hold 56.15 level sin August as the one way move to strength continues

Currently on the bull tick, PMEAC chief pointing out that changes are not necessary just more control on the deficit and policy will continue hitting some tax measures



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