Morning Trading Strategies – India July 04, 2012 (Don’t listen to the sentiment)

Listen to your heart though and your mind. the market is ranging up and when a cassandra speaks , exit a risky position you were ruffled by and buyinto another. It cannot break a rangeif fresh buying is not possible. it cannot break a range if fresh selling is not possible. It cannot break a range if fresh buying is not possible. 

The SGX seemed more accurate when tipping 5350 yesterday, but that’s just me, you can start ith another pre open, always useful

The US markets are closed later in the afternoon. The Euro has been celebrating with a move to 1.2680 that will break midway and return to 1.2605 by tomorrow morning. The Rupee remians stronger ( this time from 56.90 to 54) bu that is not what added lustre to this bull run otherise monday afternoon and Tuesday would not have been so dull

As Calls are adding more interest of the right kind, Puts are likely to move faster to 0 but we are watching carefully. FDI is incoming but FDI reforms are not announced yet

Buy SBIN, ICICIBANK< ORCHIDCHEM, even BAJAJ AUTO and HEROMOTOCORP… Pharmas are the true defensives this is the day of the eek when crude could go down so Cairn may be easy to catch for buying. NCC might catch from Prime Focus after the profit arning of yesterday 

Don’t get worried by the REC dip or if it moves to PFC, once some infra stocks have moved they shall come back in the current scheme being profit making NBFCs 

And if you know someone setting up a new bank, start accumulating, ITC may correct to 236 but you should buy and buy large quantities

IDFC, RELINFRA and GMR Infra are big picks too (5% +) 


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