Happy Thursdays! A busy afternoon for the fourth estate

A lot of stuff happening for our nmedia friends, with media brokerages finally gettin gthe churn required and out ith fresh picks for this cycle, It results being watched in two eeks without hope except at TCS, a lot of new folders being dabbed into ink at the North Block and even at quasi locations where Mantrralaya has been split after the Mumbai fire, ECB is out with a rate cut(probably) in a few hours) and the markets are bullish yet waiting and moving in select scrips. Hold on to your seaat belts, the fourth estate will be delivering and the markets and you and I making some good money

The Dollar is set to recede after the big move last month followed by four days of emerging market comeuppance as liquidity from OECD arrives and another day or two now over Dollar reacting to 55.2 against the Rupee.  ITC is holding gains, Bajaj leaving the scooter taxi stop after a long hiatus in new marketing arrangements and my Coffee having just changed from a True brew Nescafe to a truer, without a coffeemaker Lavazza. Market is long only, sell the puts and exit any bought puts as this is not going to dip much

IDFC has also seen buying and policy pronouncements may follow on Friday afternoon before the weekend? The Indian team for Sri Lanka is going to miss irfan Pathan and Sachin needs the rest. Dinda is another true blue replacement happy choice and Shikhar Dhawan, Manoj Tiwary have been fooled by the format. Dravid’s Timeless Steel is on the stands and the Bank Nifty 10600. 



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