No not yet Trading Strategies – India July 05, 2012

MK_GMR4827 (Photo credit: Presidency Maldives)

Late Morning Trading strategies (DID you buy your ITC yet?)

As the title suggests most of the activity is in the silent bond and currency markets with Indian bond rebound and unrelated yet unlikely dollar rebound sees hectic activity as accumulation continues n the suggested consolidation, the market having not seen any exits and the rally probably been too quick for the bus to fill up before it moved.

The marktes are healthy not waiting for a fall though a dollar rally cutting off air supply cannot be ruled out and hence the unwillingness to move from the enw normal – right priced in ne light after  a 5600 year to years back left investors bothered seemingly

Buyers have to stick around and probably get in today or tomorrow. A dip does not relally add more interested investors and thus is unlikely.

Buy Infra stocks, GMR, RelInfra and RPOWER and even RelCapital and of course IDFC

English: Diagram of covered interest rate pari...
English: Diagram of covered interest rate parity in the foreign exchange market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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