The Anand Rathi covered Call strategy

Last week we covered the MOS bear spread/bull spread selling puts on the run, This week NDTV features a Anand Rathi Caovered call strategy wwhich is basically a bull cover with a larger stop loss. Good bul strategy bu tnot really covered as a covered strategy would go except for pulling down your stop loss by 1.50 to a break even of 79 as futures trade above 80 and calls only 1.5 

Sell ATM Call Buy futures, where ATM price is usually too heavily loaded aat the start of the indian series , forcing most to choose OTM bits and daubs for your scrip i.e. Sell OTM calls to strengthen stop and enter buy futures strategies..

The Asit C mehta kind of strategy though gets full marks for a full bulbullish yet less risky strategy in the Indian markets writing the ATM Put on Dena Bank


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