Morning Trading Strategies – India July 11, 2012

The indian Rupee’s contribution to the stockmarkets today may be suspect but because the sentiment is to the bullish you might be tempted to short too early or the rupee as speculative as ever tempted to rise back to harder 56 levels when it does not. Ideally the Rupee hoever, should move down to below 55 in opening so when the markets drift during the day deciding the new 5500 and 6000 event strategies, the rupee can come back to its more habitable levels near 55.2-55.5 but then that would be an Economist’s world Trading at 55.9 in the July series and may not go one ay this eek trying to go back in tandem with other Asians, which have really carved out diffreent targets despite making similar moveson the weakness of the Euro 

That tug of war apart. Buying a few puts yesterday could give you very little play even as the markets do not rise today as everyone is buying the new bull strategy on the rebound and even 5250 levels look out of sight out of mind right no. But things could still change back in  a fe days, Democratic governments being notorious for their not so predictable habits and sometimes unable to recognise what would move the markets, an da subset of that move in which direction. 

HDFC earnings are not good for the stock ( Sell on the news) 

SBIN would be a good reentry stock, BankNifty should try to do 11200 but in the July series? 


Buy a Spread (buy ATM(target) and sell OTM CALLS -5600/11200 capped by funding recd) and see it develop. or go vertical and sell ATM(target) and sell OTM CALLS – 5600/11300 donside limited by net investment

Also keep onn the look out for a higher index level before investing in puts

the sell spread might work better for you by selling puts…

e.g. Sell 5500 Puts on Nifty (4) and Buy 5600 Puts (4) out of the premium for supporting your bought calls


      Sell 5600 Puts and Buy 5500 Puts with it to stay safe in the cap

simlarily using banknifty 10800/11000 or 11200/11300

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