Late Late Morning Trading Strategies – India July 12, 2012

The day of reckoning is here and shirts are off trying to in back the 5100 ground. I personally continue to hold long selling off some of my midcaps to buy in but instead of buying in the shorts POV, ended up icking up bargain calls. The trend is bullish and a TCS can turnaround things very fast ( very speculative) A HDFC Bank is in it for the long run ( still it has played out) SBI has actually reduced its targets ( Bank Nifty is not going down) and all what I have sold may not correct further from here

I am buying more JETAIRWAYS and PFOCUS and NCC this week anytime including Wednesday after Axisbank results. I am notbuying INFY and that mean the shorts win. I stand by my long calls in the July series. Infy may be good catharsis for the market for large buying to begin again at the new stops in each scrip decided when the markets stayed above 5300

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