Morning Trading Strategies – India July 16, 2012

Buy more banks, SBI offers good entry price, ICICI Bank has a good support at 922 and HDFC Bank could go higher. Axis Bank may wait for a big day for the big move and the move may be today for the first jump back to more realistic levels near 5300 and then decide how much it can move up

MindTree profits of INR.89B were better than most but it wil be availablel at 650 levels again, don’t jump in so angels fear to tread and we can start afresh

South Indian Banka nd Dena Banka re being belled by most Cats on the small screen and you should follow them up diligently, M&M not a good candidate though M&M Finance and Baja may have god result as ?insurance also made a big come back and auto loans margins remain spectacular

INDUSIND And YESBANK are holding pending a big move. Powergrid, REC and PFC must work for you if nothing else does as theya re back at attractive “shadow trading” levels




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