Morning Trading Strategies – India July 17, 2012

Trading strategies may not need updating thru the day but this 9 am edition is mandatory so here we are. 

You should not exit your bull positions because you and I did not but if you did, you have wonderful bargains available again. 

Buy ICICI Bank but after the AXIS BANK action is done intra day,  Buy Axis and let it run till 1215 in whatever slow trendis available in the market. Two fundamanetals picks from M/s Sukhani and Tulisan caughtthe eye with Divis Labs and Glenmark in Healthcare stories looking set to explode but may / may not and Tata coff looking to bump up minimum levels with good international sales despite indian Coffee’s robusta mix ( India output of 300k Tonnes is 70/30 on Robusta/Arabica, much like Brazil most of whose exports are used as a base for coffee in filter bags

YES BANK and INDUSIND Bank, ITC and Merck remain buys. Don’t short the Banknifty


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