Morning Trading Strategies – India July 18, 2012

Intraday movements will include a 20 point move down at some point, no news is good news and disenchantment thy premium still keeps India the most undervalued Emerging market despite the Fisc ramp ups and the ongoing battle of words trying to fight the Current Account Dficit. The Trade deficit for June was a one off bu they if you want to be on the short side of Nifty, you cannot be my guest and something tells me that would really hurt you.  

Bajaj finance worked out for buyers yesterday with the firm reporting a 50% jump in profits to INR 139 Crores Its Market Cap of $800M fairly priced to its sales of INR 7Bln or $140M as sales from Bajaj Finserv posted another $800 M where Life insurance premiums have grown in New written business by nearly 30% However these pick have jumped on results and there are a trail of financials with results to follow. 

IDFC is still good for priming at 135 now and there is an air of expectation in this fundamental pick beyond its compatriots from the Construction sector that makes this a hot pick. Reliance Infra GMR and even JP associat may just play catch up when market trend picks up It is the perfect Bet stock with JP associat to lead a rally once ICICI Bank results establish the baseline fo 30% profit groth and 20% sales growth for uquality businesses 

Healthcare picks are amazingly valid right now ith Glenmark, Orchid and Dr Reddys offering big upside. The short in SUNPHARMA is closed. 


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