Happy thursdays: O if only Pranab Da was the Sensex!

The headline was coined for yesterday’s morning report

India’s Presidential Elections will report by Thursday and ratings of india are likely to improve in Equity portfolios and a 5300 mark broken to the upside. Th ediesel hike is already geting half the market antsied as e face acritical 5250 barrier. Bank Nifty continues to redefine retail participation and the rerating of the indian market  almost by banks and financial services performance alone as the perrformingg privatre sector component of that industry is by and large seen as having enough traction for Corporate lending and is also not being pushed into a social role ith healthy profits and the water mark 20 Sales 30 Profit benchmark it enjoys.  SBI and PNB offer it depth and their healthy balance sheets put low any claims of underperformance in the public sector units to a large extent. 

In the meantime Dollar’s lost it totally while the Nifty/Sensex are as good as dead ith hardly any moves in almost the entire three eeks since we got ourselves a new President, with today’s elections smooth and a carefree Kapil Sibal still plotting thenext spectrum auction still looking for more angles to shoot that for the government. Saif’s interview on NDTV about minority persecution being as acceptable as corrruption also deserves a special mention. but here exactly is the persecution / seclusion and how are they different from being poor and thus alone?

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