Late Late Morning Trading Strategies India July 19, 2012

The third edition of the trading strategies piece usually means there is steam left in this rally and we are ready for few better trades with the information of the day steeped into the market grain

It looks as if the Rupee is using every lull to express its desire to move to higher remuneration for exporters and higher costs indicating the weakness that remains in Fiscal and Monetary policy to be largely a figment of overworked minds balanced by very immature, “bold” buying of Dollars on the other side that thrives on “relentless” under performing and ill focussed among a few adjectives for the Capital Markets probably from the shallowness of the Aisan Basket and its disassociation for the Rupee that never “antsied” to make it. 

LICHSGFIN and COALINDIA are STRONG BUYs while JAICORP And BFUTILITIES see exits on a regular basis,. HCLTECH has not seen  a short build up during the day so the Infra and construction bulls have things to do and stocks to buy and Banks are doing fine on their continuing uptick ( indusind, ICICI, ING , YES and PNB continue to enjoy buying levels, you cannot lose on HDFCBANK, Axis bank is a bull market delight) TCS is a good long term pick. Infy has some large exits to take care of that have been calendarised probably till Diwali when Auto sales trend up. 

ITC and BLUESTAR could see amazing new levels as they have seen positive accumulation in the crazy times of the last two weeks and are poised for breakthrough results in fundamentals. Telcos seem to continue missing the grade after a good enough pull, as Autos have to come first

MINDTREE again hitting 635 levels while WIPRO has bottomed out Where’s the Diesel price hike news, one asks?


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