Late Morning trading strategies India July 19, 2012

Maruti comes up as the bad stock to lead the Auto companies to a big bull move as its slipping share keeps it the dominant player and falling yields improve market conditions for the next three months. Bad stocks are literally those chosen to lag  specifically on a clear day like this 

Markets refuse to move without policy news esp the Rupee speculation back in busness on crude hitting the high seas

MARUTI is an accumulate. BAJAJ AUTO continues on buy lists. Gold , Silver and Dollar are really not good strategies this year. /unfortunately that rules out almost everything up there. But bonds remain downard pointed so the Rupee has to move to better levels , a very lateral move yet bullish 

If you know a MIDCAP it is likely to catch fire soon. something like Mayura uniquoters for example  , is right no in correction and the bottom could be around 540 levels itself or stories like OPTOCIRCUIT and ORCHIDCHEM which have a huge upside and are accumulating more interest. 

IDFC and ICICIBANK are enjoying the sun and are still accumulating more interest at these levels 

HERO can be good for intraday picks ith its rural market strength (120k bikes a month in the hinterland and groing strongly) 

PNB and CIPLA could be good places for the right move at the right time at these levels subdued yet fundamentally sound and not fully priced by a long shot

To be safe take a short in HCL Tech, the markets are definitely not going to respond to IT results now in this brouhaha. Finally It has been derated to a second layer of sturdy play with big annuity scores. If youa re trading on the Big Board, Genpact and WNS should get to even lower lie lo spaces as Genpact cannot find a buyer at $5 B valuations


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