The 11AM Update – Am i still buying!

A fair question, apositive anser to which has plausible deniability. However, I ould still aver the markets are up in the short term and the momentum is lost as we unnecessarily wait on Ministers and media reports, probably because many have made it a matter of life or death tha tultimately RBI be in a position to cut rates in July itself

The US Beige Book report shades three different degrees of modest/moderath growth/recovery in the nine Fed Districts leaving nothing to the imagination of planners that has not happened with US clipped to 2% rates of groht and safe haven buys in US bonds that did try and drop off at 1.48% yields continue to the long held marks of burnt investors like Bill Gross at 1% for the 10 year bond which would be the deflation scenario for the ever growing trade destination of the United States. 

Dr Reddys is going to report lower sales despite generic Storvas sales in the US or lower profits from the expected 354 crs and fundamentally remains the big league story other pharma mid caps have not hit in a somewwhat wea k associative rejoinder to the secular IT bull run of the nineties and the first few years of this millenium. i.e. not many would survive and reach the Big leagues. But such draconian predictions are yet unruffled, undisturbed as Sales grow at an even clip and Made in USA has a mile to go before it reaches the high cost US healthcare industry

Heromoto and Bajaj are great picks and MAruti will follow soon after another hiccup at the Manesar plants with the unions hits the scrip. The scrip is already trading at very attractive levels and MAruti  is moving to alternate facilities in NaMo territory. M&M continues to be a SHORT


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