Bank Results Season: YES BANK reports extraordinary performance in Q1 FY2013

CASA has improved to 16.3% though the target remains much higher near 30% for a good score, 

Even as year on year growth was 34% just on Gross Interest Income to INR18.86B even sequentially the bank grew from a total of INR17.86 in Gross Interest Income and Net Prfits at INR 2.90 Bln a sequential growth of 6% from March and well above the 305 growth watermark

 (Topline including fees and other income) Net income is mostly the same rate of growth at INR7.6B a sequential growth of 8% and Other Income under 3 B still sequentially larger by 10% The Bank does not break down other income into Fee income and other as Indusind has started doing recently Net NPAs are yet only 0.06% 


LIC Housing NIMs declined to 2.18% but Yes Bank was still higher 2.8% Yes Bank CASA improvements would bring NIMs to ileading industry banks as its Asset base also grows

YESBANK has increased its Balance Sheet 37% on year


Commercial and Branch banking account for 38% of the Portfolio and Tier I CAR has improved to 9.7% The bank may seem to be living a charmed life on the edge from some margin data but a healthy INR300 crore of fees could now include a healthy part from retail banking fees and other banks in the leaguie like INdusind and ING Vysya have faltered in picking up the growth while YES has been increasing its balance sheet better without a credit card portfolio


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