India Morning Report July 25, 2012: Shock and awe all over again

Markets are swinging wildly in preopen looking for unlikely buyers a day before expiry as they do not want to encourage buying right now and do not have much of a further bottom to make. It starts though at 5120 and unable to make much headway except at the close. ABAN, BAJAJ HOLDINGS, FORTIS HEALTHCARE, JETAIRWAYS, ONMOBILE, ORCHID and many others were include in 51 stocks to be discontinued on F&O . They should be stable till September

Diesel prices are  going down in 11 states after some changes in the market structure in distribution before any price hike in August after theVice presidential polls HCL Tech, unhedged has as expected reported a 300bp expansion in margin after a long time and should not go much further from the 511 opening till 530 for employees to sell into. MidCAp ti making a late rush on the news

ING and YES Bank report today.

In other news Pharma FDI got tweaked again (Investments till 49% in an Indian Co thru FIPB) and various other non events



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