Morning Trading Strategies – India July 25, 2012

The ride to the INR-USD at 57 is likely on a day before expiry and I am not so sure the shorts are going to enter on the Dollar. However it seems a largely emotional run and no buying in the Dollars since morning. Buying can even skip the day or come in late and a lot of other witing around may scupper that deal as most Asian coins have discovered a stronger future in trade and are nicely banded and tradin at the strong end of their new range bounded on the other end by the May loosies. 

The Dollar index rising further means a weakness in Oil and even Gold does not trade weaker in Asia, esp India so the currencies wantonly riding it again is a remote enough possibility but not a trade

That’s a conversation you will never get from a pay check bound analyst

In stocks, I am tempted to buy BANKNIFTY and the market has already ringed its epxpectations as it otherwise will be bloodshed at expiry if you bought or sold more puts to expiry and the Dollar came out scaring the currencies into a South South dialogue to 57,58, 59 and the hour rings .

Buying in August will be impossible with the series time decay premium not liking any cliffs to correct for real disjointed expectations to the next month series.

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