India Morning Report July 26, 2012: Expiry, here thy cometh!

The Dollar is paying for the expiry blues and a studied expiry trying to stay stable at sensible levels as it crashes down from 56.7 to below 56 today. The new President sworn in, India inc’s new August and September trading will be bullish and the rang of pre open prices show that with a 1-5% uptick in major stocks.

LIC Housing results were a disappointment but that is only cause for more buying YES Bank results ere the eyeopener everyone was looking for ith banks likely to be rerated as a whole to further positive. Volatility which died a slow death two weeks ago may not lie low now that bank results lead consumption ITC results today should also be good for the diagnosis of the health of the Economy in a better direction

Maruti is looking better already too.   Kotak, Axis and Yes Bank should move immediately and ICICI Bank results are next



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