The 11AM/1PM Update: PNB qualifies in NPL heats, going for Gold?

A late PND thrust unable to quench NPLs it seems hit NPAs to INR99BLN and PRovisions suddenly looking inadequate at INR10 B while in bigger pSU banks the Net 1.38% of NPls may not be a defensible bulge for the otherwise medal winner who has been ahead on recent growth and profit margins run thru loer cost of deposits. 

The fundamentals of the bank I would still aver by, but hthe bank should have a s usual given its due warning , leaving me ith worries the bank itself des not know the road ahead for the same even as others have reached the end of the trajectory

Indian CAR is still a high 12.63% unlike at global no gooders like Citi and Bank of America, raor thin at less than 8% on Tier I Common

The bank is holding after the massacre and ICICI Bank results are awaited. 

Th eSensex is back battling for 17000 levels , an easy win stabilising the mood for tomorrow but 5150 looking good enough for blind shorts to test the market even in otheise good results driven scrips. ITC for example should have been marking out a new place in the clouds and that its above its recent highs ould suddenly be a bigger weakness for the scrip. 


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