Happy Thursdays! Lets see, Ronjan Sodhi, 25kgs lost, Leander Paes, Sania Mirza lost and me!

Thursday (Photo credit: bob8son)

Firstly, the confession that this Thursday afternoon missive was written 24 hours in advance while I was wondering if it was already Thursday, and no I was not drinking or too snowed under from work. I just thought things were chugging along fiine through tidbits like our best medal hopes at London had been dunked, our best Economic leads have been wiped out, we never had the infrastructure and no educated man has one elected democratic fights ever anyways, or that Leander Paes and so many more including our boxers and archers had crashed out with below par performances and it was the perfect day otherwise, these being the usual muniton of the logical mind on home ground.

The Global Economic slowdown has hurt us the least till now but I tell you trading can hurt every now and then in moments and shutting it down just makes me wonder what I am going to do for a livelihood. The bear trade on india though is still not on not after where we came down to just months ago. That does mean we will see the least of Goldman Sachs’ allocation, but then that might be good for us too, because we do not seem to do well when we have more as ew never get more than one good year in any business cycle unless it is for odds and ends and all things not written down. None of indian businesses or policymakers can stick to even rudiments of the written word, and while it happens in more than one place the others in Europe and the US have already passed on their golden age and the ones coming are too poor for their meteoric growth to mean anything at all. and I mean when compared to India. Thursdays, the usual, it is FUTILE.

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