Morning Trading Strategies – India August 06, 2012

Ok, in case you are the conventional long only investor this might hurt you but the hottest Idea right now building in the market could be a short on WRONG IT with HCLTECH trying to battle it with news of its new Enterprise purchase bu treally HCLTECH does look like the ideal short opportunity right now, having passed its capability range and its improving margins still among MIDCAP range than the established players like TCS and even INFY after its dreamrun was busted. However the trade is invalid as long as there are longs in TCS now. 

Kotak and Indusind are not good trades as they are likely going to skip this trend till it starts to move after breaking the new 5300 levels and then markets move North. Midcap MindTree is good for a quick intraday win. Infracos are obviously winners including IDFC and the HEalthcare stars from SUN and CIPLa. DRREDDY is quite done, JET AIRWAYS is still valid for an uptick, SBI could be the reason index won’t make it beyond these levels as it tries to exit the bad cycle in business and markets take a call on its results. 

I am keeping a position in ITC and recommend MARICO, DABUR and HINDUNILVR heartily at this stage . Nifty Futures trades are done for the day, and similarily for Calls. Even Puts are unlikely to egt you any return right away this Monday

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