Equities finally haul the Rupee by its tails

Rupee lift mirrors equities intraday, with the lateral inversion if I can insert the topicality..Equities look good with Reliance holding to yesterday levells and ready to try a 800 and SBI and ONGC can now catch up later. 

CAIRN and BIOCON have not moved much either because the market already has a select shortlist for the best poised stocks and incl “Aviation and healthcare this set is doing well. Surprisingly Jaguar owner Tata Motors is back on great sales  probably because is European brands buck the average degrowth of 20% in Car sales in Europe. Volkswagen unfortunately, the bi wineer in Europe, is neither palanning an aSian Capital market presence nor is doing well in India, Ford, GM and VW among those cut in volumes by the return of Hyundai in the recent months

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