Sun Pharma: Taro Sales add a 45-50% jump to sales and profits

Taro’s phenomenal results count to good traction in the Healthcare major though Indian domestic drugs market remains aminiscule part despite the population and lenient pricing is no longer recognised as the only viable strategy for global majors willing ot invest in the India story

As a global investor however Sun Pharma has it much easier, Taro providing $47.6 mln  additionally from June 11 in its first quarter aligned to India’s Fiscal to $159mln(42%), a Direct Margin of over 70%. Despite R&D expenses of $11.6 mln being a higher ticket by the same 50% rate (47.6%), Gross Profit is a great 64.4%. SGA expense reduced to 14.8% of Sales, Net profits growing over 75% to an EPS of $1.41 or $62.9 mln from $35 mln in June 2011

Taro has a pipeline of 15 ANDAs and 2 NDAs in various stages with the FDA


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