The 4 PM pre Currency closing Update

After a fiesty fight at 55.8 levels with investors like me, their disappearance gave rupee speculators the chance to capitulate in the process after Equities finally seemed to be able to burst out from the 5350 tops and a definiteive direction in the Rupee lasting the full day todasy even after the Equities close as Dollar keeps falling like nine ppins,. If only you had your Capital in place and not decimated by to bit touts that would have otherwise thronged the move and bitten off more than they could chew. 

The rupee moves on the Electric news from Chidu who is set to disappoint the markets if they indeed complete the move to 5500 which is happening in line with a secular global move and not waiting for pidgin English or Hobson Jobson trading to help them along though the Rupee/Dollar did try to recover every time there was a lull at the top in the equity trades. 


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