Late Morning trading strategies India August 09, 2012

Yes, the much not warranted piece is back in the reckoning as the 10AM open throws interesting profits in OIL at 5100. the shorts finally have it after small daily bull rallies in India’s MCSX hich has a mean share of Crude trading volumes as UAE does not seem to have much except daily quoted for the monthly series. 

Indian crude ofcourse wwas nearlythe midpoint of Sweet Crudde and Brent always and now 5100 can go back to 4950 and then even 4700 but that one’s highly unlikely

Cipper shorts make up for your worldly ambition but at 418 the trade is a atch and go esp as the “rallyists” in the day traders have it in the ring, probably don from 423 but th eintra day peak is pretty obvious when it comes. Please short then for an appropriate 8-10 rs  move and profit. 

Gold again proves the adage Indians taught the world as it secularly defies equity bulls, currency hoarders and oil speculators to stay on the right up trade a s always even 29,500 hardly achieved in the Indian market for the metal before it started the initerant up move. Whatever else happens gold i UP, UP and nyet never away.


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