Pre Closing Trading Strategies August 13 – 17, 2012

HDFC and Sun Pharma have moved up yielding more than 10% in a montha nd are on target,. The market is pointing up and if you are bought you would enjoy one surprise pop overnight probably in this or next eeks ranged trading as there was hardly any downward pressure, though after the $3-$4B in the previous 5weeks till August 6/8 2012 there has hardly been fresh buyin gi n the India markets and Euro liquidity is unlikely till DEcember which market seem to be comfortable with. Euope and US might enjoy a break from the upmove but India deservingly remains an isle of prosperity after the downgrades on 6% Fisc, 4% CAD and just 5% growth as rate cuts remain unlikely with CPI near 10% CLSA views in the morning half seemed well thought out, StaChart still expects no rnage to last belying the expectations of this market which seems to have decided to stand on Mt 5300 despite such worries on its state. 

However the range does preclude most FAO trading in the August series unless you plan for smaller gains and quicker 2pm moves around the same. .Maruti and BAjaja Auto , M&M are also the next movers in the upo move but then there are Anil Ambani stocks, Glenmark and RIL, and even bigger moves in ITC and HUL in the bluechips. Midcaps to pop included Subex and Gammon infra seems a good accumulation candidate, great traction in projects, posting direct additions to the Topline and a good enough INR1 B EITDA to stand on. 

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