India Afternoon Update: Manmohan Singh Addresses parliament

The scene was not very visually appealing and has virtually been canned with the Parliament reduced to a dog and pony show at the local river pilgrimage fair. However, the Bank Nifty surprisingly acts as a barometer of the mood of the day and is falling into not mroe than a 1030-35 range for Axis Bank and while business pretends to go on, India inc has to learn to live with the extraordinary impact of such acts in expiry week as it creates a fertile ground for amateur shorts to take over a uniquely bullish proposition which will turn around on the aftermath of expiry and then lose the rest of the momentum for India Inc. 

There are hardly minutes before Nifty crosses out below 5360 and Nifty futures below 5375 and this becomes the most often talked about flash crash jsut next to theNASDAQ flash of June and August. 




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