Morning Trading Strategies – India August 27-31, 2012

It seems like most of the more adroit stockpicking has left the market but at least a universe fo 20 scrips has survived the rally and India attention to be still available at value again. Except for Cairn and GAIL none are index scrips though, probably not even the CNX 500 and that is keep ing markets busy trying to find avenues as the markets are still not headed down. 

The Rupee is back at the razor’s edge at 55.5, likely to bite equally big on the upside and downside and likely concurrent with the equities move. The best that could happen in the markets is it stays rangebound till Thursday but while the snetiment likely won’t deteriorate sit could suddenly improve esp once the PM Addresses the issues raised ouside Parliament where he has been blocked. 

The Apple Samsung weekend decision of course has no local trade linked to it, none of the companies or even global futures riding on it. Automobiles remain agood pick for usand Healthcare primed for a big correction making it interesting times indeed. Some houses are Aalready encouraging a sell in banks to liquidate in profit and position in the not so known ones like Exide, BGR, and I am waiting for a good level in Banknifty to exit before the expiry


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