Late Morning Trading Strategies India August 31, 2012

The September series in the Rupee has had the leeway to trade closer to 56 and as markets in equity do not show a distinct hankering for the northbound journey, it is unlikely to lose the premium in further trading thsis week. However intraday trading in the rupee may remain downward bound thru the week from open rates and within a tight 10-20p range

The Commodities uptrend looks unlikely beyond the first  targets of 428 and 158 for Copper and Natural Gas and bears keep looking like they have a windows in commodities again leaving a healthy PPI and a not so distatsteful jump in base metals even if demand does pick up. Of course in OECD FDI India is quite neck to neck in FDI GDP ratios but China contineus to receive the largest share of FDI from its neighbours , even 5 times higher than OECD investment in China which has tapered off after the European Crisis. India’s outward investment into China is unlikely to show up in a hurry in our listed companies’ Capital plans

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