Due to  POSTEROUS AND WORDPRESS ISSUES WE ARE UNABLE to POST around the morning report and trading strategies for Friday. Nofty has maintained 5330 levels and bnks are good to go, with the Euro bond buying program promising to be the long term friend global markets needed for liquidity ahead of spanish bailouts to come. Yet, China’s bemused failures should support India more if indeed there was any real policy action to follow on the interest generated and a deal was closed in retail or banking or others. Healthcare is still the sector with the most potential after banking

Flailing Auto sales in July and August have been estopped by the advent of the Holiday season and Ganesha and Dusshera will not let optimism go down in banking, auto or consumption sectors in durables and Non-Discretionary. However while many have beenlooking askance no one has called for the correction in Healthcare, Ashwini Gujral / ET Now biting the bullet again as Energy replaces any gap and older commentators hoe for a quickfir IT buzzer round to rate up scores , Infy and Bharti evenly priced. I would stay with longs in ITC< ICICIBANKand IDFC and not go short on SUNPHARMA though DRREDDY may stil have a few spinning out moves to the downside. Similarily, LUPIN, STRIDE ARCO (STAR) and the newly resurgent ORCHID and OPTO are unlikely to be part of the correction opening Ranbaxy and Sri Aurobind to more nervous action in the very few moves we will see this fortnight till expiry targets become clearly polarised.


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