India / Asia Deal News and Prospects

The Anna movement has fizzled out without a viable political color, NaMo and Nimo apparently not good for a national calling and Rahul Gandhi not coming out to take charge, the old generation moving on has also provided pause for those of us born in the 70s as more entry line recrutiting takes salaries , if any , to 20 somethings and no growth industry replaces againg telecom infrastructure stories banks amnaging to gro credit to NBFC, Real estate (Affordable Housing) and other services industries.

FDI collars for old sectors, new banks and growth calls for the pack waiting for work yet still snagging salaries at IPL linked marketing companies, erstwhile growing BPO and It companies or NPA hit PSU banks are yet a year or more away. Not much is expected from IIP data and Manufacturing Output growth data on Wednesday while Friday’s WPI data and that of FX reserves is unlikely to move decisively either, yet not be in the rut, WPI having improved for the last three-four months. European inflation data is likely to be worse today when most nations report than tomorrow when Italy and Sweden are scheduled to report while key South Korean, Russian and Aussie data speeden the recovery by the currencies against the dollar.

AT THE TIME OF THE LAST SUCH STASIS IN THE MID90s WE DID NOT SEE COCACOLA QUIT OR KFC INTRODUCE VEGGIE MENUS BUT MANY LEFT INDIAN SHORES FOR A “PAN ASIAN” PRESENCE and as of now the European Banks are leading the same trend even as their future stays inextricably linked to the Asian movers and shakers.

MEANWHILE Heineken’s Asian Deal has generated interest for real estate reasons as well, with the makers of Tiger Beer and F&N juices also owning the largest property on Singapore’s Orchard Road, worth 50% more than Tiger Beer’s sale proceeds.

Also Kingfisher has moved on from probable and hope ful to near certain death as it keeps the skeletal senior management onboarded at a cost of INR 675 Crs according to a ET weekend report.

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