A breather of such length usually means a desperate short that does not work ( Markets open 30 points lower)


A shallow correction to start the trading day

This one though is futile as the market reaching too low a level will disappoint investors who came in more than three months ago and have stayed with another $2B coming in July and August in just a couple of weeks.

The markets are itching to trade down but have no idea if even t expect any new buyers at this stage and the correction is unlikely to be deep unless there is another inopportune exit from unsettled investors which could trigger the move to 5200.

Coalgate’s juicy details have admittedly missed me but the anti incumbent air in the coming bout of state elections would be a blow for the country and commentators would be watching

A leader in mint adds spice about firm funding for political partes in the India election scenario with BSP bypassing 2004 and 2009 poll events without a single donation (above 20k*) Companies fund parties thru Electoral trust singly or jointly with others. Another report on Page nine shows Maruti keeping its market share in August car sales with its 54000 cars still a sizable %centum of the 118000 cars sold excl those in Export markets taking the monthly low to below 160k runrates recorded in 2010.

TV18 commentary has hit a new low with LV taking morning market open duties and destroying more market momentum ( positive or negative) than she imagines(!)


3 thoughts on “A breather of such length usually means a desperate short that does not work ( Markets open 30 points lower)

      1. Thank you for being so kind.
        You disagreed with both my observations and yet call them interesting. Again, thank you.

        Yes, I do find her intelligent. Maybe,because my base level is low. Of the TV18 lot, I think she is most insistent, to get answers out when folks being interviewed are being vague.

        I’m always scared during RBI day’s her commentary being too sensational. UM is more assuring. Whenever market tanks it’s his face you get. Irrespective if its 1200 or 1330.
        Also have you noticed in most meltdown’s that fellow is always out of town.
        Another Interesting observation?

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