Morning Trading Strategies – India September 10-14, 2012

Staying invested helps for moments like this. It is unlikely the market will retrace these levels in any hurry but upside from these levels in intra day trading are not likely except in banking scrips. 

ICICIBANK has finally crossed 1000 levels and SBI still has more upside coming at 1938 to probably 2000. ICICIBANK may not go below 950 and on the upside move to 1100 esp if there is any follow up policy momentum event

The jump in HINDALCO is inexplicable except for trading action for the index derivatives but GAIL and the Energy sector finally gets the long awaited break without Mamata Di

The jump in power and infra, despite the overhyped promoter participation in the sector is indeed interesting to watch as the Reforms bus veers towards social and welfar infrastructure and rural penetration of marketing before festival season jumps the meters on debit and credit card spending. 

AXISBANK is also interestingly poised, measuring to the index moves to 5600+ trading at 977 at these levels

SUNPHARMA, MINDTREE and KOTAKBANK could start off any profittaking moves into a cascading correction ( less than 5% probability)

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