Bank Credit Policy (September 2012) : Fixed Income Markets Celebrate India Reform 5.0


Given that Inflation was also expected to be lower before the Wednesday announcement for WPI and the Diesel hike importantly, it is understandable that 1 in 5 economists in the latest surveys still expected a rate cut to put pressure on the unruffled Central Bank Governor. Nomura economists and even Breakout Nations’ Author Sajjid Chinoy however point out again that the government has no room left as do we. Though you may not be able to scroll back to views as we were also away for a month on the subjects of Global Policy and Economics, you will be able to find the thread in earlier bank policy writings here and at And of course as the public sanecdote demonstrably admitted to everyone, there are no CRR cuts in store.

However having been fed reform policy the markets are unilkely to react to their v”dull and drab” version of the credit policy later today. Infact except for Economists at the banks above most in the industry will be relatively busier with deals happening in the wake of Bharti Infratel kicking off a public sale of PE investments with a not so untoward calendar in just 5 years of investment. Back to the calendarised Economics though, the dip in IIP is scary and continues to run down the Economy alongiwth a double digit in Exports but none of these would improve from an easing of credit conditions as bancks get don to safeguarding their margins by cutting deposit rates to the eventuality.

As DNA also notes however, there is no time like now for India Inc and this will take almost a year to fruition in Services and Goods uptick while inflation including the dangerous fuel subindices about to make a bigger come back having come to 8%+ in the August announcement. Bond yields will be going down because of inflows and that should not be confused with a likely rate cut for now.


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