As yields dropped on the reform news, good news kept raining on the markets with Duvvoori Rao going ahead with the much pressured rate cut of 25 bp to give industry a chance to shore up the IIP froma low 0.1% last week to better reports than the expected turnaround in April 2013/June 2013. The cut has not been made in repo or Reverse repo rates but CRR has been cut to 4.5% However this rate cut simply cuts possible maneuverability for the Indian Reserve Bank RBI in the rest of the fiscal. india’s fiscal deficit is likely to be revised to 6% from the budgeted 5.1% as FinMin tries to revive a much hated and shelved disinvestment program but is helped by a Diesel rate hike

Losses from LPG and Diesel have been averted to more than INR 50,000 Crs from the INR 1.3 Tln together from last week’s hike and to that extent government will not be reimbursing nor Oil and Gas producers be paying foregone profits to Oil Marketing Companies.

Yield has in fact gone back up after the policy from a 8.16% trading range in the morning to 8.1726% The future of OMOs is quite clearly what is upsetting as the CRR cut implies RBI would not like to provide further liquidity using adhoc operations later in the month though banks seldom use the liquid assets blocked by CRR even when they are freed.

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