Pre Closing Trading Strategies September 24-28, 2012

Expiry is upon us and the markets have used lack of fresh buying as the test or the excuse for a quick short on our onerously short trading capital. That of course means that SEBI and RBI re still not considering increasing Minimum net worth considerations for Shorts and most commentators have been tired of the “upswing’ for now well over 8 weeks as the markets though exceeded expectations did not get the pain they expected to react to and as the open reform agenda continues to steam up Power NBFCs and banks like PNB as the SEB bad debt also gets taken care of and the fiscal deficit targets even at an over run of 0.7% from the target 5.1% will manage to stay within the bad FY2012 performance

That though means this correction is again short lived as the courtrooms and the FM’s office oblige markets. I am holding on to my longs esp IDFC and there is more good news to come as more PE funds get into the scheme of getting India’s infrastructure story a running opera than just viewwing galleries on the internet

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