India Morning Report October 10, 2012: Bill these to the neighbours?

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The markets continue to allow a much pushed out correction but stand on 5650. While yesterday’s Bank Nifty risers were targeted in the afternoon itself Axis Bank, inexplicably ticks down further strongly to an almost binary state of 5650 = below 1000 target though once in four months mean  most traders have crossed the rubicon and are shortening the trade cycle this week to a daytrading drill even as Emkay pays up instead of cancelling the 509 trades that caused them grief.

Bear Calls on the IT sector are in surprisingly good time as the Rupee weakens this week and thus IT continues to enjoy support wiht Infy maintaining its hiwgh wter mark above 2550 right now. Verdict, irrespective of sectors rerating downwards, traders will play safe IT trades in results season, and will evoke retail interest as well. Consumption sector’s rerating may prove to be tempestuously short of the mark during results season as well

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as there are no real hopes for good results in Q3 December and the “bottoming out” may have only Q4 of this Fiscal. The prices of Crude, Palm Oil and the Dollar offer injunctive relief and market will probably pick and drop stocks as volatilely it does esp among tier 2 plays like Dabur, Marico and Britannia, instead ITC and YES BANK may continue their breakout in this uneven quarterly evaluuation in the coming fortnight, esp as 5650 is likely to hold.

JET and JUBILANT rallies may again provide the sparkle to the debate and the KFA story promises more twists and turns with its show cause notice likely expiring without KFA losing its licence. The already pledged USL and UB Holdings’ personal holdings of Mallya are likely to still carry some optimistic tones though you are welcome in anything except ITC, YES, JUBILANT and JETAIRWAYS wtill you can keelp a singular focus on these. BIOCON and SPICEJET probably stand out for special attention and may be surprise picks in the return of the bull tot he likely 6000 targets still open with the bull. That would not be in a hurry this week either.

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