Pre Closing Trading Strategies October 10-11, 2012

Most likely jump back for the markets start from Friday but at 5650 and 11300 on the Banknifty an  immediate jump on Thursday itself cannot be ruled out. RelINfra, Orchid, IDFC and ICICI Bank however have been unwinding and that combination can taake the market out till Axis Bank or  RELINFRA bottoms out. RELCAPITAL and BAJAJAUTO can both lead the rturn in that case midweek next week

Banks may not start into a higher orbit as they hardly move without a defined target but as networks also mention Puts are unlikely pay and Calls are yet likely available at a further 5-10 Rs discount in the 5650-5750 series’

Infy again ahs a couple of 20s to shed before its negative contribution to the Nifty rebalances


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