India 3.0 – More technocrats in governance, where’s execution

As coalition politics and bugles of mid term election cornucopia continue to entice india baiters in one  of the toughest periods for non US non OECD, Developing Asia, politically savvy options have again and again emerged for bureaucrats to lead the Reform inc. proposition. Bureaucrats have long been carrying out the Reform mandate whether BJP and NDA or Sonia and UPA ar the Executive leaders with a tightly calculated majority. The GST, DTC and Land Reform Bills are yet not here but the next line of leaders for governance of this country now includes less of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi and more, like  shashi Tharoor, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Raghuram Rajan and probably more to follow. Unfortunately one also thus has to explore what difference in style makes MSA as suitable for politics and office as it makes denizens like Deepak Parekh and C Rangarajan stand outside , continuing in technocrat roles for India Inc.

That does mean though that I do not believe Arvind Kejriwal is worth his name in tthe political firmament, but failures like the Anna movement, Kejriwal and even Ajit Jogi show that even being a Technocrat is not enough and thus the lack of majority mandates and the requirement of reformscontinues to stress the importance of going by the book and that the majority of Indian electorate understands that without the UP and Bihar brand of caste politics or the AP and TN brand of subsidy politics.

Also, it still leaves the quesdtion of howw slow implementation will be allowed to happen across India”’ s reform stories, Infrastructure, subsidy structures and Center state relations.  India inc has to make a consistent and faster attack line this time in probably the last chance to lead Asia as China steps into a bigger illusory slowdown to transition to a “Big Brother” economy and still grow, while india despite the policy reform awaits real redemptiona nd thus faster clip of growth that can be relied upon for investment

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