India Morning Report: Dussehra’s over Already!

Another market day and most indices are redefining flat trades w


Jet Airways IFE
Jet Airways IFE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ith a half a point move on the Nifty and a stable 8-10 week run with more in the offing despite a Cabinet reshuffle on the cards. of course that would see some dip before opening up and the series for November is  likely positive with YESBANK, Jet Airways and IDFC still going strong.


Lupin, Stride and other Healthcare stories including SUN Pharma also look robust and unlike naysayers who think market is flat because it is likely to present value at lower levels to me it seems markets are not really trying for 6000 yet only because it would mean execution of policy is happening overnight or that sentiment has improved suddenyl for india which continues to be challenging in the face of a global recovery.


The commodities cycle is delayed despite the Dollar weakness because China and europe are unlikely to start a recoevry in earnest for another six months leaving India’s exports stable and imports of oil cheaper while global equities respond to improving conditions using every available dollar for investment instead of staying cash as for 2 out of the last 4 years


Looks like I will be applying to that fellowship program after all.



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