India Morning Report: Another Week, Another Level ..(The Non Academically Superior Version..On An Everyday Beat)

Markets remain stuck to good support at 5650 and bears hoping for a better risk reward to pip the bulls to the post in November should stay away for their own capital to be safe. Indian Banking and Indian Capital markets though continue to trundle into uninterested, boring, mature markets territory with the higher volumes of business now for 5 years at current clips yet China is the one making that abysmal tranmsition from growth teritory to just so so more mature territory for global corporations in the new avatar.

The India story however did not get a big fillip from the political shennanigans over the weekend hich tried to make up for their weak defensive flavour with the quantity of action yet the opposition is in a disarray and quite unsuited to a India ready for the reforms that willg et pushed on irrespective of the government at the Center.

However without changing the top two file notings my normally breezy language is more likely to complete this report so back to bringing the bollywood in me on to the table..

Markets look good to move north despite attempts by market commentators to cash in on the unending show of support unable to move up. i.e. The markets will go to 5700 and then probably be ready for a raincheck. Banks and infraco specialists are definitely good investments leverage being a good word for the over 105 infra projects pending in the official pipeline The pre open as usual is week challenging the buyers to come in and stay in and thus the risk reward shifting to the dowanside may actually take this phenomenally positive results season into a deeper correction in the markets. However, the india story stays invested and anyone exiting at these levels is unlikely to get over this missed opportunity even if it is for necessary expenses back home.

The “faltering rupee recovery” may try to be villain of the day but the markets are likely to remain strong and upbeat this week on the buoyant takeaways that are not to become trifles

Also the faltering rupee may but the aadhaar card success to 600 million cards for India by 2015 may not be that successful defining trend yet.


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