India 3.0 – Sun Pharma strikes a chord, Power NBFCs run up the bill

Sun Pharma’s provisioning costs of near half the $960 mln lawsuit with Teva underlined the informed investors ability to smell the rat and invest in trend winners like healthcare major Sun which has continued strong treating its pre result 690 as a bottom and dressing for the kill even as Cipla and others kjoined in the beautiful quarter when Pharma revenues set a new benchmark with an almost par for the course 40% increase in revenues on year despite not much groth int he domestic market which is also shaping up for a nice bloom out with only 300 drugs under price control

REC and Power Finance, Power Trading nad infra co Power grid remain value picks in the markets as NPA problems from SEB customers are sorted by state level federal intervention and TNSEB dues for one are restructured by the TN government in October



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