India Morning Report: Here comes the Winter session..NDA, No Confidence, no market action?

Markets for the proverbial retail trader are now right next to that other veritable institution in inaction and ‘eyes glued to electronic networks and news papers’. Yes, the market action , especially the lack of it, comes a close second to the inaction created by NDA in the upcoming Winter session with a few failed No Confidence motion attempts. One already wonders if the markets will expect further implementation at 5550 levels and react negatively  to such non action like the straitjacketed range of now, enticing increasing short positions strategies but one still considers that extremely unlikely.

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If you are exiting positions such as J&K Bank (cnbc commentary) or Jubilant ( despite the recent Goldman Sachs upgrade bump, which could just be a wall strategy from the brokerage) do not put all your eggs in an illiquid Karur Vysya or a tenacious VIP both of which are just likely to be jettisoned to their ever steady lows they flatline to. Silver would hit the high bars by 63000-64000 range if it crosses 63000 and Gold is just not going any higher from here till I would prefer some certainty in political climes for a chaneg as I would prefer gold investors take this time to reevaluate the soveriegn hedge of all depressions, recessions and even repressions on the back of a host of currency action in this second cycle to stake the global weakness in USD and the likely continuin gweakness in Oil. After all like its name Gaza is just a strip in the world of OIL incapable of escalating to a real resolution of Palestinian woe. I am still adding positions in ICICI Bank and IDFC.

The troubles of HP are likely going to be instructive for India too and the vaunted distributor tentacles could be wiped out for many MNC franchises in India to come, led by the large wins (finally) in retail space from Dominos and Jubilant, encouraging the JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs’ and the Apples and the Dells to consider an expansive lurch into this market like in China instead of the fool’s gold pricing strategy and a CIB franchise in rare climes.


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