The Delisting trotternama gets investors again!

Investors expectedly got blindsided by companies choosing not to buy back and delist their India subsidiaries even as stocks crashed in Honeywell on news of the change in plans. The stock run up had more than something to do with the correction and the decision and is a common conundrum for many MNC arms in the country not wanting to continue in the listed subsidiary business model but cowered by the price of delisting for the less than 15% stake in many cases that is priced high in expectations of a block buy back

An ET stat compilation of date shows thomas Cook, Kennametal, BOC, Sharp and Astrrazeneca already showing strains and having probably arrived at a new management decision crashing prices on the local exchanges bringing back the buy back option for those unable to envisage a further stake sale here it  is more sizable than the 1.43 nmln shares required to be put in the OFS by Blue star and may again skew the probablility of an OFS.

The regulator SEBI is unlikely to further  stand by patiently as  the delisting stories have been coninuing for almost 10 years in many cases as the FDI regime has become more open on business models espoused by Wholly owned subsidiaries.

One foreign bank also listeed in India after the crisis broke but banks have been avoiding creating a new risk silo for India , neer licence operating only CIB franchises and avoiding retail business altogether

Bluestar and Honeywell are pricing their delisting Offer for sale in the markets to get the stakes down to 75% removing them from the target delisting universe.

Coca-Cola: Millions to Washington Politicians,...
Coca-Cola: Millions to Washington Politicians, Billions to Invest in China (g1a2d0040c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

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