India Morning Report: A tough act to follow!

The resilience of the markets is absolutely breath taking if you can let go of the greed of the trading tick and forget you could have created 10-15 more points in any move of the last 2-3 months. INVIX must be one of the most stable volatility indices needing some good data training over the next 2-3 years as it gets two distinct levels along 2012 and tries every other vol input inbetween except the limited market range, setting it independent of market levels which becomes counter intuitive after this length of time.

Business volumes on the NSE are holding and MCX equities seemingly will only add new volumes from its 300 registered members as and when they start with the same 1000 scrip universe ( NSE has 1600) . Chinese data was actually positive but the markets wanted to see a bigger difference and local shares continue to tank from 3 year lows in Shanghai /Shenzen.

The Thanksgiving anti trade in Asia and Europe will likely fade away till Monday when US markets open as traders await the big news from Europe and EC takes the weekend time to solve the big problems UK has with the budget. I ndia is now actively interested in these negotiations with its EU trade droppoing at the expense of others and its Trade GDP seriously affected by continued recession in Europe which it is hell bent on following up with large spending cuts on the EU Common budget and the slow dribbling away of the banking union while UK firmly in saddle strengthens its local EU trade in Spain, Porto and Italy

Bajaj Finserv morning interview on the networks was a great segueway into the stock but comes a little late even with new business premiums growing at 18% and Allianz interested in increasing its stake. after an almost 100% rise in the year. Like PSU Bank Capitalisation and Drug Price Control, Bill impact from  FDI increase in insurance is also likely to have been played out long before its actual play in the House and is unlikely to move the bulls or the bears sitting on selected positions.

The underpricing in Bajaj Auto continues to be a big surprise and Biocon is a good long term buy at these levels. Why are Orchid and Opto out of favor? One fervently hope it is not because promoters are hoping to be bailed out on their personal loans


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