Happy Thursdays! Nifty India’s rare rampage in expiry week

After months of continuous challenges on every positive move using the derivatives market segments to create an anti trade, the short, unemployed and useless club has finally been left with no sponsors as the Nifty rages on in an apparent free ride to near 5800 levels this Thursday. Of course, that also means I am reduced to doing market commentary after the shock and awe moves of the short club prepped me out of the trading room capital allocation and India’s reform turnaround story has been reduced to the Hindu rate of growth rubble but the winners are not complaining and salaried folk have returned to stiffer shores of bureaucratic serendipity and broke purse strings have instead brought peace and quiet on India Inc before the recovery, which apart from challenges to ploicy execution being reduced to just audience entertainment pop quizzes will also see bollywood’ role remaining limited in India Inc’s growwth , a Rahul Gandhi struggling to become a leading light on national stage also a perpetual side show, blackberry and yahoo as always turning life sunny side down out and around in the subcontinent without due global impact, and the recovery being not followed by fattening of Fixed Income, CDS and / or Corporate Bond markets here or better divestment stories on the quity bourses or a strong recovery from the Rupee the specter of whicch raised many a heckle in upper middle class india stuck on their dollar savings from IT or Non IT exports and infact even includes Shashi Tharoor and Raghuram Rajan (UC Booth) in active roles in indian government without any impact or reach influencing them to do any better and without any growing ICICI Bank or Goldman Sachs bothering with retail and real estate discipline or investing in a larger network in their pet emerging markets projects for now or any other such easy expansive solutions the nations ever growing MBA and DINK populations would enumerate as basic addendum to the new Aadhaar ID they start flaunting from this year.  And none of this hopefully counts as dismissive, depressive or disparaging arguments for the stock markets’ continuing linear move to  other never before levels witha new exchange in the mix, India’s veritable cornucopia with its destiny to keep on growing to no. 3 in Global GDP ranks ahead of everyone but US and China ithout a move of any substatntive change in the per capita GDP or Per Capita Income for its citizens 


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