Waiting for the Banking Law Amendment Bill?

Though NBFCs are responding well to the agenda for the Lower House today, one wonders if  it is going to amount  to much if the Banking Law Amendment Bill is actually cleared. Though it may be difficult to pin down the RBI for the resulting despondence despite the clearance of this bill, one should anyway expect a sell on the news scenario and as I did wait for some network confirmation on TV commentary before  writing this out of the blue, it could very well be that the market spine has already figured out why it won’t phappen just because of the new law. Other suspects apart from add on laws required would be encouraging statements from potential licencess of the genre, “Now we just have to apply to RBI” and probably some stronger candidates like Shriram who have a big network stateside, waiting instead and holding back on that kind of encouraging public admission making marketwatchers unnecessarily bearish

It is probably a new crop of quasi investor boards, quasi traders with risk assessment sheets ho should be on watch though for another no action still day going into Christmas 2012 and if any are caught in such crossfire ( to the eager denoument for homegrown brokers not even hoping for any further D+FII custom to their doors or happy with business on Zee and Profit networks) 

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