India Morning Report: Held off the report till Modi win was announced..

Modi’s imminent victory turned out to be the reason we held back since the day began early to us implying a deficit of motile or critical subjects to be addressed such as relations with credit rating agencies who continue to treat the India basket literally on par with Greece and Portugal at their worst and the CDS and Fixed Income market for FIIs which remains shallow to stunted and low priority even as the largest fund flows from the ancient orient seas; the midieval illuminati of Europe and the Independent Injun loving cohorts of Boston Tea Party vintage remain India’s only friends and the East India Company fit coinage for the trading zone in active Asian investor and offshore markets. 

BJP leads in 97 out of 155 leads available in the 182 seats and Congress has improved from previously to 54 only. The market seems to be using the dullstate to go back to Alt heaven with HUL and Tata Motors while the NBFCs are just about in the news after KC Chakravorty said ” Ofcourse we should licencess very soon” on the networks. We’d stick to hope for LIC Housing and Shriram which means there is no real hurry is more likely at this stage as both have to do considerable preparatory work while RBI figures out how to let Corporates in to the big kahuna of development and who to roll the die(from dice) with

Yes, unfortunately we are already sounding like an enfant terrible but it is more important to be succinct and keep riting regularly. We personally do not subscribe to such enfant terrible and their failed agenda as we expected twenty years ago when we started in College life, when it was obvious these were neither vox populi nor in it for the long run whether it be the brothers of The Hindu dynasty or purveyors of Swminomics or the Hindu samrajya’s own spokes person Gobind Acharya and infact  we don’t see NaMo making good in Delhi either, so the need to jump a feww discourses and make the writing on the wall clear to our readers.

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